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With over 20 years of proven experience in the entertainment industry, Matt Tognacci thrives on bringing ideas to life through his innovative custom sets and detailed studio environments. Matt’s current projects involve creating original, realistic and fantastical surroundings for television, film, digital programming, social media broadcasting and themed special events.


A native of the Boston area, Matt’s inventive aesthetic sense was first inspired in the 1980s by Stan Lee, Jim Henson and MTV. Since then, Matt’s personal flair for style and originality emerged and his vision continues to evolve through his work as an Emmy-winning Production Designer.


Through the years, Matt has worn many hats in the art department, giving him a thorough knowledge of the workings both on and off the set. With an intuitive eye for detail, a keen awareness of budget and the ability to adapt quickly under pressure, Matt’s extensive experience gives him a unique perspective when managing his design team and collaborating with producers, directors, clients and all department heads.


Matt has been nationally recognized for his outstanding work in the field, winning the Daytime Emmy Award in 2013 and 2019 for Outstanding Art Decoration, Set Decoration, and Scenic Design for “The Talk” on CBS – an award he’s been nominated for five times.